36kv Silicone Rubber Composite Pin Insulator for Distribution System

Short Description:

Application: High-voltage
Material: Composite Polymer
Structure: Suspension Insulator
Type: B Type Insulator
Usage: High Voltage Power Transmission, Insulation
Connection Method: Trough Type

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Composite Pin Insulator:

lightweight, unbreakable, hydrophobic, resistant ozone UV radiations, resistant earthquake

Long rod suspension insulator  Composite insulators for high voltage overhead power transmission line application

For rated voltage up to 36 kV power transmission lines supporting, suspending and insulation.

Ratings: Up to 36kV.

Standards: IEC 61952:2008,ANSI,etc

Composite Insulator for AC Power Distribution System

Features: Secure and reliable operation on high mechanical strength. Compact design and light in weight which is convenient for transportation. Good anti-vibration capability. Good anti-moisture capability. Good electric performances Strong anti-pollution falshover ability. High anti-aging performances which is perfect for utilization under conditions of high altitude. Easy for maintenance.

Product range:

Long rod Composite insulators up to 500kV.

Pin Composite insulator up to 36kV.

Post Composite insulator up to 252kV.

Line post Composite insulator up to 36kV.

Technology characteristics:

1)The silicone rubber housing taken shape by whole injection has good hydrophobicity, drophobicity migration and soil resistance, as well as excellent electrical insulation roperties and aging resistance, which could prevent effectively those accidents of pollution flashovers so as to ensure the safe running of high voltage transmission lines.

2)The modified ECR fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin rod is used as it has good resistance to high temperature, stress corrosion &acid attack, as well as fine damping action, high tensile strength( >1200Mpa ) and resistance to creep and fatigue failure, which effectively ensure the internal insulation quality and mechanical strength of insulators.

3)End fittings are crimped onto fiberglass rod with voice-operated displacement type crimper , The insulators with this crimping technique have high mechanical strength and small dispersion.

4)The connection location between end fittings & rods is fused with sheds housing by the overall high tempera- ture vulcanized silicone rubber injection molding as it could minimize the interface.

5)The internal radial multi-seal structure effectively guarantees a long-term reliability of seal around the connection between end fittings & rods.


1 Applicable stardand:IEC,ANSI,GB and other international standard

2 Normal colour of the composite insulator:red,gray and white.

3 Special design according customer's requirement.

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