Insulation Piercing Connectors

Short Description:

Type: Piercing Connectors
Material: Copper Galvanized
Application: Conduct Electricity, Transmission of Electrical Signals
Character: Insulation
Species: Housing
Production Process: Welding

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Insulated Connector 7

Product Description

Insulation piercing connector is mainly suitable for the connection of the overhead insulation conductor, branch connection and grounding protection, It is used for the voltage which is 20KV, 10KV and 1KV and below. Applicable for Al-Cu conductor, different diameter wire connection, and equal diameter wire butt, and is suitable for the transition of copper aluminum insulation conductor link.

Main function and features:

1.Easy installation,No need to strip the cable insulation cover,

2.Piercing connector,special nut and torque nut.To ensure good electrical connection without damage wires.

3. Resistance reduced by 30% Heat cycle curve is more stable.

4.Good Insulation,It passed the power frequency withstand voltage and underwater withstand voltage performance test without any special treatment.Sealing structure and with insulation grease.wetpoof,waterproof,anti-corrosion,extend the service life of insulated conductor and clamp.

1KV Insulation Piecing Connector & Grounding Connector

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