ADSS strain clamp for 10KV line, short span optical cable fittings

According to the model and parameter requirements of ADSS optical cable, we can provide tension clamp hardware with different span, tension and outer diameter, which can be divided into single-layer stranded tension clamp and double-layer stranded tension clamp. The single-layer stranded tension clamp is used for the actual span less than 100 meters; The double-layer stranded wire tension clamp is used for the actual span greater than 200 meters. The small span tension clamp accessories include: U-shaped hanging ring, insert ring, external stranded wire, bolt and other supporting hardware; Double layer stranded wire tension clamp accessories include: U-ring, extension ring, insert ring, inner stranded wire, outer stranded wire, PD hanging plate, bolt and other supporting hardware; The customer selects other connecting accessories according to the engineering design requirements.主图1-5(1)

Use of single-layer strain clamp: ADSS small span strain clamp has similar functions with strain clamp; It is mainly used for 50~170m short span corner, tension, terminal and other towers. It is not only suitable for aerial optical cables, but also for the anchoring and installation of aerial conductors, stay wires, etc., as well as for traction clamps in optical cable construction.


ADSS strain clamp consists of U-ring, insert ring, aluminum clad steel preformed wire, bolt, nut, closed whistle, etc.

Features of ADSS cable tension clamp:

1. Effectively transmit the longitudinal compression force to the tension bearing unit of the optical cable – aramid fiber, so as to prevent the outer sheath of the optical cable from being strained due to excessive stress.

2. The transmission of axial tension increases the contact area with the optical cable, so that the stress distribution is uniform and there is no stress concentration point.

3. Under the premise of not exceeding the side pressure strength of ADSS optical cable, it has a greater grip on the optical cable and can withstand greater tension.

4. The grip on ADSS optical cable shall not be less than 95% of the ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of the optical cable, which is completely suitable for the needs of optical cable erection.


Post time: Dec-22-2022