Assisting the State Grid Hunan Electric Power’s flexible employment digitalization, Yushun Group’s “electricity second tier” platform was officially put into operation

On October 27, 2022, Yushun Group, the first unified flexible employment digital management and control platform for provincial companies in the domestic power system tailored for State Grid Hunan Electric Power, “Electric Waiter” on the couch, demonstrated the innovative practice of realizing employment standards and cost reduction and efficiency increase in a digital way. This also announced the official online operation of the “Electric Waiter” platform, helping the State Grid Hunan Electric Power to open a new chapter in the construction of modern human resources system. Xu Jiasong, vice president of Yushun Group, attended the conference on behalf of Yushun Group.

The release of the “Electric Waiter” platform was also highly valued by State Grid Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd., the relevant responsible persons of the company and representatives of pilot units visited the release site, and nearly 1000 employees of branches at all levels participated in the meeting through live video.

At the meeting, the stunning appearance of the “Electronic Waiter” platform carefully built by Yushun Group attracted wide attention. Relying on the platform, we can fully gather the resources of the Employer and the Flexible Worker of State Grid Hunan Electric Power by digital means. The units and enterprises stationed on the platform can carry out the whole process online closed-loop management of flexible employment, such as task release, task control, task acceptance, online settlement, etc. according to business needs, to achieve the integration of contract flow, business flow, capital flow, invoice flow, and information flow, and effectively solve the problem of standardized employment management, Effectively avoid employment risks.

In addition, based on a series of accurate big data statistics such as task results, quality assessment, cumulative distribution, monthly distribution, and distribution trend, the platform can achieve a full range of data aggregation of flexible employment and labor outsourcing, support comprehensive price comparison of social employment, online evaluation of service results, accurate prediction of employment demand, and automatic identification of employment risks, and promote the refinement and lean management of enterprise employment, Further help State Grid Hunan Electric Power to lead the way of digital transformation and upgrading of the State Grid system in the field of human resources professional management.


Post time: Nov-22-2022