Beijing Haidian electric power safety special law enforcement inspection

As the epidemic situation in Beijing is gradually improving, enterprises are speeding up the pace of resuming work and production, especially some construction sites that have been suspended for a long time. However, in a hurry to catch up with the progress of the project at the same time, illegal construction, brutal construction and other hidden problems of production safety are also worth paying attention to. Recently, Beijing Haidian Urban management law enforcement Bureau jointly with the State Grid Beijing Haidian Electric Power Company to carry out the “power line facilities protection” special law enforcement inspection and legal publicity activities.

On June 27, the law enforcement team came to the construction site of the resettlement housing in Sijiqing town, Haidian District. At the site, there are several power towers connected to 110KV high-voltage power lines within the construction site. Law enforcement personnel introduction, site construction process once touch high voltage line, prone to serious production safety accidents, may not only lead to a large area of power outage, but also to the construction personnel and mechanical equipment safety threat.

Learned, according to the electric power law of the People’s Republic of China, the electric power facilities protection ordinance and other rules, if necessary in the overhead power line protection zones of farmland water conservancy capital construction project and the work, such as stamping, drilling and digging or need of any part of the hoisting machinery into the overhead power line protection area for construction, And other activities that may endanger the safety of power facilities in the vicinity of power facilities or within the power facilities protection area shall go through relevant administrative licensing procedures according to law, and sign the Power Facilities Protection and Safety Management Agreement with the property right unit of power facilities.

Law enforcement personnel immediately checked the construction unit of the relevant documents and materials, inspection found that the construction unit to provide documents and materials in line with the relevant legal provisions. Subsequently, law enforcement officers came to the observatory, inspection found that the site power facilities within the protection of the construction project has been completed, and set up protection network and height limit bar and other protection facilities. Law enforcement personnel advise construction units to use air filters to cover bare ground and earthwork in windy weather, and to compress the air filters with heavy objects to prevent them from being blown over and wrapped around power lines and facilities, resulting in safety accidents.

According to law enforcement team, there are a lot of small projects adopt temporary leasing of construction machinery or temporary employment personnel to carry out construction work, because there is no unified, standardized management and training, operators of the odd jobs tend to lack of safe production knowledge and consciousness, the most likely to occur due to the rough construction led to the digging underground cable short or overhead power line was on accident, Law enforcement team members will further increase the publicity and inspection efforts to escort city operation safety.

Haidian city management also warned that high-voltage power lines do not have rubber insulation, and air can conduct electricity, so high-voltage power lines can discharge across the air, that is, non-contact electric shock. Therefore, the protection scope of power line facilities has been demarcated around the law, and it is forbidden to engage in some behaviors that harm power line facilities (such as flying kites within 300 meters). If there are special reasons to perform certain specific actions, the corresponding permission procedures and protective measures need to be taken.

Post time: Jun-30-2022