Power line fittings — DB adjustment board, PT adjustment board

Power line fittings — DB adjusting plate, PT adjusting plate, as the name implies, is the plate type connection fittings with adjustable connection length, which is suitable for adjusting insulator string and wire length of overhead power line and substation. The high quality adjustment plate conforms to the manufacturing standard of electric power fittings, with toughness and oxidation resistance, bright color and smooth surface without burr.



The adjustment board was born: People have been in the process of construction, will inevitably lead to adjust because of the small error, if in the adjustment of the overall work so time-consuming, in this era of fast is not worth the cost, in order to effectively make up for the defects, people invented the PT adjusting plate, the adjustment version is mainly suitable for adjustable connecting the length of the strip shape with the connection, He is also widely used in electric power, transmission lines. This fine-tuning pattern is better known and leads to lighter work and faster working styles. Make up the error of working calculation effectively, form a virtuous and effective circulation mode.

Post time: Jul-11-2022