Use of parallel groove clamp and suspension accessories for power fittings

  1. Suspension accessories. Also called a support fitting or suspension clamp. Suspension accessories are mainly used for insulated wires (mainly for linear poles) or jumper wires of insulated wires. Also called fixed bracket, fixed bracket or wire clamp. Anchoring accessories are mainly used to fix the ends of wires and wire insulators, as well as lightning rod terminals and cables. Also called connecting fittings, suspension parts. These accessories are used to connect insulators in series and to the accessories. This accessory is specially used for connecting various bare wires and lightning rods. The contact fittings are used to connect the hard busbar and soft busbar to the output terminal of the electrical equipment, and the wire T connection (for example, through the unsupported parallel wire) is connected.未命名1671691325

  2. The parallel groove clamp belongs to the compression structure, made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy, and cannot be disassembled after installation. The clamp is named because its section is similar to the letter H. With the help of special hydraulic pliers, the wire clamp and the two connected wires can be pressed into a whole. After crimping, the contact part is elliptical cylinder with compact shape. Similar to the wedge type parallel groove clamp, its compression process is controlled by the output pressure of the hydraulic tong, with little human influence. H-type parallel groove clamp can connect two conductors of equal diameter and different diameter, and the span of conductors in the same groove is generally 3 to 4 specifications.


Puncture structure, simple installation, no need to peel the insulated conductor; Torque nut, constant puncture pressure, ensure good electrical connection without damage to the conductor, self sealing structure, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, and extend the service life of insulated conductor and clamp Special contact blade, suitable for copper (aluminum) butt joint and copper aluminum transition The electrical contact resistance is small, which is less than 1.1 times of the resistance of equal length branch conductor, meeting the DL/T765.1-2001 standard. The special insulating shell is resistant to light and environmental aging, and the dielectric strength is>12KV Curved surface design, applicable to the connection of the same (reducing) diameter wire, with a wide connection range (0.75mm2-400mm2)未命名1671691383

Post time: Dec-22-2022