Xiamen power system enterprises can apply for technology innovation fund

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of Xiamen that the research and development investment of Xiamen’s energy low-carbon transformation projects and new power system construction enterprises has been included in the support scope of Xiamen’s technology innovation fund.

Support object conditions and financing scope are divided into two categories. The first category is the project financed by fixed assets. The project is implemented in our city and meets one of the following two conditions: 1. Production of new energy equipment and materials, production of energy-saving power equipment, energy-saving transformation of energy consuming equipment, replacement of electric energy, construction of energy storage facilities and other industrial enterprises’ capital increase, production expansion and technological transformation projects related to the construction of new power systems; 2. Solar photovoltaic, biomass, wind energy and other new energy power generation projects whose main business is implemented by industrial enterprises in the power and heat production and supply industries and which directly provide services for industrial enterprises in our city. On the other hand, industrial and software enterprises that invested 2 million yuan or more in R&D and financing in the previous year, such as new materials and equipment related to energy conservation and carbon reduction.

The financing cost paid by the enterprise to fund financing is 2%/year, and the term of financing discount interest shall not exceed 5 years. The term of bank loan can be verified according to the actual investment cycle of the project. After the discount, the lending bank can provide financing support according to the project implementation, market rules and relevant regulations of financial institutions.

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Post time: Nov-22-2022