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Electric Powertek Company was established in 2015. Nowadays, EP has been recognized as the global market leader in earthing, lightning protection and electrical fittings. The good-quality products, high-efficient and stable delivery and high-standard services from EP have assisted our clients in tons of projects overseas and in return we got excellent positive feedback from them.

EP adheres to the enterprise spirit of "pragmatism, hard work, and responsibility" and the business philosophy of "people-oriented, pioneering and innovative, honest casting, and striving for first-class". As the principle of employment, we actively encourage innovation, improve the company’s innovation capabilities, establish a scientific management system, enable the company to achieve a high level of management capabilities and strong technical backbone to support, improve the company’s overall quality, and contribute to the company’s healthy and sustainable development. To be as basic as possible, the company adheres to integrity first, quality first, high standards, strict requirements, successfully pursues higher quality, and establishes a higher development goal!

We offer our customers survey, design, installation, testing, maintenance and repair solutions on electrical line fittings and high-altitude safety. We are passionate in protecting people, property, electrical equipment and systems from any potential danger such as falling from high-altitude. Therefore, high-altitude safety equipment and solutions to prevent falling along with an extensive range of materials according to the latest standards are provided by EP at the meantime.


Electric Powertek Company Ltd. established in 2015.


The insulators EP produced have already been 

used in at least 100 countries.


Has already provided thousands of field-site designs and will keep on doing so all the time.

Supply more than 50 categories of electrical 

fittings and allow our customers to be able 

to purchase almost everything they 

need for their project in EP.

We work with our customers only overseas and provide technical solutions from our expert engineers that could be relied on.


Electric Powertek
Technical Strength

Electric Powertek has owned the most advanced production lines and Hi-tech quality control equipment. With scientific administration, professional engineers, highly trained technicians and skilled workers, EP is capable to produce more than 30 million units of electrics in best quality annually. Almost all of our products are produced for overseas market and well sold to over 50 countries worldwide. Most of our products have already been granted CE certificates and ISO9001 certificate and have won high reputation around global market.

In fact, due to the origin or the raw materials, EP has started factories in different cities in China. And during the practical business process it has been proved that our strategy is wise and reasonable. This has helped our clients get the products in a really low price but in superior quality since we have saved the cost of internal transportation and be able to hire qualified personnel all over China.

Welcome to the fascinating world
of Electric Powertek

We truly welcome our customers to our factories to have a look at how their products are produced and also to give us a chance to present ourselves much more comprehensively to you. You might find we have lots of different departments such as energy, transmission and distribution sectors, various power fittings, grounding systems, data transmission, exothermic welding products, ground enhancement material, earth inspection pit, etc.

We are very proud to be able to maintain both profession and variety at the same time. Also, sustainability means a lot to us. We are dedicated to act in the best interest of coming generations and respect to the environment and society of this world.

As you browse through our website, we hope you could find the information or products that you need. Inquiries or other forms of contact (phone call, what’s app, etc.) are welcome as well.


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From 2015, Electric Powertek Company Ltd. has been gradually growing as a world-leading manufacturer of various Polymeric composite insulator/Cutout fuse/Lightning Arrestor; Transmission and Distribution overhead line hardware; ABC cable Fittings; Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Strand Wire /Stay wire and Electrical Safety Tools.

Our experienced electrical grounding design technicians have provided plenty of field site design service of Overhead line system and keep on innovating all the time. The same goal of our team is to apply ourselves to deliver excellent personal power along with teamwork backup to our clients, to work and stand side by side with our clients and as a result benefit our clients no matter how complicated the project would be. Forming this type of productive working relationships allows us to deliver some of the most comprehensive electrical grounding design solutions in the market place today. We look forward to hearing from and working with you.

As you browse through our website, we hope you could find the information or products that you need. Inquiries or other forms of contact (phone call, what’s app, etc.) are welcome as well.

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For inquiries about our products or price list, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.