Fs-yjv3 *16 waterproof power cable


The control cable modular installation and construction method described in this paper has achieved good results in the 35K V substation of Mangshi Station of china-Burma Line natural gas crude oil pipeline project.

(1) Shorten the construction period. It took only 1 technician, 1 electrician and 12 coordinators 17 days to complete cable laying, cable arrangement and fixing, cable head making, electrical test of core wires, core wire matching, threading pipe and other work with modular installation method of control cables. Compared with traditional construction method, the operation time of control cable laying in substation with the same workload is reduced by 1/3.

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(2) Reduce the cost of construction. The modular installation of control cable is to concentrate the technical work of cable head making, core wire electrical testing, core wire matching, threading pipe and so on. The construction quality is highly controllable and the construction efficiency is improved, so professional construction personnel can be reduced. Cable prefabrication under good conditions requires less coordination. The later forming cable adopts centralized laying, the same starting point and end point of the cable is laid at the same time, the cable laying time is greatly shortened. As a result, construction labor hours have been greatly reduced. Compared with the conventional construction method, the construction cost can be reduced by about 20,000 yuan in labor cost.

(3) Improve the efficiency of construction. Centralized production of cable ends in a spacious and convenient area can improve construction quality and reduce the llap time of switching construction operation points in the conventional method. Compared with the conventional method, production of the same number of cable ends is 3 to 4 times more efficient than the conventional method.

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The threading and matching of cable core wire is a very important work to ensure the accuracy. The conventional construction method is that two professional construction personnel with one partner in each section of the cable use intercom to check and thread the wire number. The workload is large and the operation time is long. The control cable modular installation method is adopted, the two ends of the cable can be put together, and two personnel face to face to check the number and thread the line number. Under the condition of ensuring the correct rate, the operation time is shortened by 2/3 compared with the conventional method, and the efficiency is greatly improved.

(4) Civilized construction. Control cable modular installation is to change the conventional method of scattered operation in each power distribution cabinet, control cabinet, instead of centralized cable head production in a fixed area. Compared with the conventional cable head laying method, the civilized construction effect of the operation site is greatly improved, which is well received by the supervisor and the owner.

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